Fire at Cape West Cinema - May 28, 2018
Posted on 05/29/2018
Dispatched to a box alarm for smoke in the building of Cape West Cinema. Dispatch advised that the theatre was being evacuated. Upon arrival Battalion 2 found nothing showing from the exterior, took command and called investigative mode. Incident occurred while E2 was still investigating a report of a transformer fire on Rt. K and Cty. Rd. 206.

All occupants had evacuated the building and smoke was found in theater 10 initially, and later 9. Lights were also found to be off in the lobby area and lights were flickering in the concession area. Engine 2 arrived and took a fan to theater 10 to begin ventilation. Ladder 1 arrived and set the ladder to the roof on the front, right corner. L1 confirmed a motor burning in air handlers 9 and 10. Power shut off to both and the motor to 9 was later removed. Both of these motors along with three other motors had been replaced following Wednesday's incident at the theater. E3, R4, and E1 assisted with searching the building and ventilation. Battalion 1 assisted with checking other area properties for electrical issues and smoke conditions. Jackson FD sent an Engine to staff Station #4 during the incident.

Fire Department Inspector and City Electrical Inspector both arrived and were briefed by B2. Fire Inspector later advised that theaters 9 and 10 were shut down pending repairs. The business as a whole was allowed to re-open following inspections by the Fire Inspector and City Electrical Inspector.

Damage type: Smoke only
Extent of damage: Light