City Department Employees of the Year for 2017
Posted on 12/20/2017
Congratulations to everyone who was named Employee of the Year for 2017, and everyone else who were also nominated by their peers. Here’s a little bit about the awarded employees from each city department/division.

City Hall (Administrative/Development)
Congratulations to City Hall Employee of the Year, City Planner Ryan Shrimplin! Ryan has served Cape Girardeau for more than 5 years. Ryan's output as a City employee is remarkable. Between all of the boards and commissions and Neighborhood Development Initiative (NDI) that he assists with, Ryan attends dozens of after-hours meetings to help the community. Cape Girardeau has experienced and increase in development activity, therefore increasing Ryan's workload. He also helped retain 100 pro bono hours of planning services through a grant program to plan toward the potential future of the Red Star District. Ryan also assisted the Downtown Development Team in the formation of the Downtown Strategic Plan update. He is also working with consultants on a Comprehensive Plan update, as well as a regional Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. Ryan endorses the City's WOW Customer Service Initiative by working with developers to find solutions to challenges that meet the spirit of the City's Code, but allowing for flexibility in order to make projects happen. He represents the City well in his capacity as NDI liaison for both the Red Star and South Cape initiatives.

Fire Department

Since joining the Cape Girardeau Fire Department, Firefighter Tyler Grovenor’s actions have embodied many of the characteristics that the department strives to exhibit in performing their duties. Tyler is a proven team player who is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional services to our community. He has always been one you could count on to come in on his days off to help out with various activities on the department including training, teaching CPR classes, instructing Firefighter 1 and 2, and helping out with the hiring process to name a few. Tyler is a member of the department's Health and Wellness Team and has performed many additional duties within this team, including researching and planning the purchase of gym equipment and the layout of said equipment at Station 2 and Station 4. He also initiated a community-wide CPR program called Heart Blessings to provide CPR classes to the general public. This program was developed to honor his grandfather following a tragic fire in which FF Grovenor was on duty and responded to. He has completed many hours planning, organizing, marketing and delivering these classes. Tyler has also completed substantial work in preparing our community for the Pulse Point program, which is an application that alerts CPR-certified individuals when there is cardiac arrest nearby so that they can provide early life saving CPR, improving patient outcomes.

Parks and Recreation
Jeremy Kuntze has been working for the Parks & Recreation Department since 2012. He is currently the Senior Maintenance Worker at the Cape Girardeau SportsPlex. Jeremy has been promoted three times over the past five years. Jeremy takes great pride in his work. He is very versatile, often helping out in different divisions throughout the Parks & Recreation Department. He is always willing to jump in and help when needed, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Jeremy also works odd hours and never complains about it. He stays one step ahead, continuously looking to see what else needs to be done. He gets along great with all of his coworkers. Jeremy keeps a smile on his face and has a great sense of humor. Jeremy is a great coworker, because of he makes everyone else’s job so much easier.

Police Department
Detective Corporal Cary Dunavan was named the Cape Girardeau Police Department’s 2017 Employee of the Year. Corporal Dunavan began his employment as a patrolman in the Patrol Division in 2007. In 2008, he was appointment was an Evidence Technician for his platoon, and in 2009, he was appointed to the Special Response Team. He currently serves as a Team Leader for the SRT. Corporal Dunavan was promoted and transferred to the Detective Division July 1, 2014 and in August 2014, he was appointed supervisor of the Scientific Investigations Unit (SIU). To manage SIU is a huge undertaking as this Unit is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence for criminal prosecutions and safe keeping of property for all citizens who come in contact with the Department. In addition, Corporal Dunavan oversees the training of all of our Evidence Technicians and ensures that they are highly trained in the preservation of evidence. Corporal Dunavan’s day leads him in many different directions and the tasks he handles are vital to the Department.

Public Works Department
Our 2017 Public Works Employee of the year is Randy (Mac) McLain. Randy has worked at Public Works for 41 years and has a vast knowledge of how things are done, as well as Public Works history. He is always willing to help out when needed.

2017 employees of the year