City Fiscal Year Starts July 1, View Budget Online
Posted on 06/06/2019
Budget Distribution

City Council works with staff to pass a balanced annual operating budget fundin

g the infrastructure, safety and quality of life services provided by the City of Cape Girardeau. The budget is based on the needs at Public Works, Parks, Police, Fire, the Airport and City Hall. Public input is welcome year-round. 

Significant items included in this proposed budget have previously been discussed publicly at Council meetings. Of note:

  • Voter-approved sales taxes will be collected and invested as-promised.

  • The cost to provide existing services is increasing faster than revenue.
  •      --Cost inflation is forecast to exceed 2%
         --Overall “General Fund” revenues are forecast to increase by less than 1%. 
         The General Fund is almost totally supported by general taxes (1% sales tax, property tax, etc.) and accounts for the basic city functions of police, fire, street maintenance, parks maintenance, economic development and other projects and needs approved by City Council.
         --Sales Tax specifically is not keeping pace with cost inflation (only 1.7% increase expected)

  • User fees for water/sewer/trash will increase by less than inflation (same as last year)
  •      --2% increase to the residential and commercial water rates --85-cent increase to monthly residential solid waste charges

  • We have specific budget pressures in Public Safety (jail, 911, Fire Department overtime at the Airport). This budget increases public safety funding by 3.86%.

  • We need to ensure an appropriate level of General Fund reserves. In the coming months, staff will review the General Fund budget to identify measures to maintain financial sustainability – this may mean significant changes to how the City currently operates.

    The public is welcome to download the draft budget and independent audits, explore the budget visualizer tool and comment at