Cape Girardeau is a community well-positioned for your success. Cape Girardeau, founded in 1793, has a long and progressive history of consistent growth. Several centuries later our great community still serves as the regional center and continues to make history as even more community and private investments unfold. Our city was excited to announce its most recent investment, the creation of the Greater Cape Girardeau Business Park, purchased with the intent to attract even more private investment into our region. The Greater Cape Girardeau Business Park is strategically located to meet your logistics needs and is also surrounded by a strong and capable workforce. Cape Girardeau leaders will work to assess your project’s needs, investigate possible incentives available at the local and state level, and work with your company to determine the best possible development scenario. The City is proud to have a team of experienced development professionals on staff to assist your company from start to finish. When you become more familiar with Cape Girardeau you will be pleasantly surprised by the willingness among our professionals and citizens to help you succeed. It’s that neighborly spirit that separates us from many other communities. 

Your business development project can be a part of this vibrant regional economy!Let us help you plant your facility in the Greater Cape Girardeau Area Business Park.

Scott Meyer
City Manager