The City of Cape Girardeau’s managed deer hunt is one of over 100 similar programs statewide. Managed deer hunts support healthy wildlife by preventing overpopulation, starvation, and reducing the spread of diseases. Population control reduces the chances for deer-vehicle collisions, but does not eliminate all deer.

Managed Deer Hunt - Fall 2022

  • Hunting limited to only individuals who obtain deer tags from the state of Missouri lottery system, and attend a Cape-specific safety meeting.
  • Only archery devices will be allowed. NO FIREARMS may be used.
  • 40 selected hunters will be required to have Hunter Education or Bow Hunter Education certification and be over the age of 18.
  • Controlled harvest of a maximum of 120 deer, each hunter eligible to get three deer tags.
  • Hunting will end Dec. 23 and limited to a few natural areas on the fringe of city limits which will be clearly marked at Delaware Park, Twin Trees Park, Fountain Park and parts of Cape Rock  Park (Lower Circle).
  • Hunting must take place in an elevated stand to ensure projectiles are on a proper downward path to avoid ricochet and travel beyond the intended target.
  • Discharge of arrow strictly prohibited in City limits except for the limited hunt.
  • Council will evaluate the 2022 results and determine whether to continue the program.

Rules for Selected Participants
Archery without Atlatl - Managed Deer Hunt #6
Thru Dec, 23, 2022

This archery deer hunt is a joint effort of Cape Girardeau City and the Missouri Department of Conservation to provide hunting opportunity through sound wildlife management.  The number of hunters is restricted to maintain quality yet allow adequate harvest of deer.  Your cooperation in making this hunt a unique and pleasant experience will be appreciated.  Cape Girardeau City is located approximately 119 miles south of St. Louis on Interstate 55. 

  1. Legal methods to harvest deer include only recurve bow, longbow, compound bow or crossbow.Please refer to 3 CSR 10-7.432 regarding conceal and carry regulations, this can be found on page 59 of the 2022 Deer & Turkey Leaflet.
  2. Hunters must purchase a Managed Deer Hunting Permit to participate in this hunt.No other deer hunting permit of any type can be used at this hunt.
  3. Participants must complete an approved hunter or bowhunter education course to participate in this hunt.
  4. Included in this mailing/email, is a parking display card which must be filled out and placed in the windshield of his/her vehicle for identification while hunting in the area.
  5. Hunters are required to attend a mandatory pre-hunt orientation.  The orientation will be held Saturday, October 8, 2022 at the Osage Center at 10am.
  6. Hunters must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this hunt.
  7. Hunters are not required to check in or out for this hunt. All the materials and information you need to participate in this hunt are enclosed except for the Managed Deer Hunting Permit.
  8. Hunting is not allowed within 50 yards of park boundary. Do not place stands within 50 yards of the park boundary.
  9. Hunters are required to hunt from an elevated stand. Portable tree stands may be placed on the first eligible day of the hunting period.  Stands must be labeled with the hunter’s conservation number and hunt number, so they are visible by the viewer from the ground.  Stands must be removed on or prior to the last eligible day of the hunting period.  Attachment by use of nails or any materials that would damage trees is prohibited. In addition, all arrows taken to the field must be labeled with the hunter’s conservation number on the shaft.
  10. Hunters are required to wear hunter orange during the managed hunt. This includes a hat and shirt, vest, or coat.
  11. Legal shooting hours are from one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise until one-half (1/2) hour after sunset.  Hunters may take up to three (3) deer, but only one (1) antlered.  Hunters must take and telecheck one (1) antlerless deer before taking an antlered deer.  Your permit must be notched immediately after the harvest.
  12. If you stay with your harvested deer, you don’t need to attach your notched permit to the animal, but you must keep your permit on hand. If you leave your harvest at any time, you must attach your permit to the leg of your deer.
  13. By 10:00p.m. on the day of harvest all hunters must check deer using one of the telecheck methods, either by calling 800-314-6828 or or using the MO Hunting App. Deer carcasses must be covered with a blanket or tarp, out of public view when transported from harvest location to vehicle and while the deer is in the vehicle.
  14. All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, are restricted to maintained roads and parking lots.  Parking is permitted only in designated parking lots or locations where vehicles will not obstruct traffic.  The use of ATV’s is strictly prohibited.
  15. Overnight parking or camping is not permitted.
  16. If, for any reason, you will be unable to participate in this hunt or need additional information contact Dustin Ziebold at 573-339-6752 or Ty Metzger at 573-335-6621.