West End Boulevard Improvements construction is ongoing, The project will widen the current street, add sidewalks, and improve stormwater drainage between Rose and Bertling streets. The project will take approximately a year to complete (October 2023). Fronabager Concreters will contact residents regarding any temporary limited access to driveways. If you have special circumstances they need to consider, please contact them directly:

[email protected]

Ongoing Updates

  • Work on the last section from New Madrid to Rose should start by August with utility and related work already ongoing. The project is expected to be substantially complete by late October. 

Project Details

West End between Rose and New Madrid will receive:
• Two, 12’ driving lanes
• Two, 5.5’ bike lanes
• 6’ sidewalk on the west side
• 12’ parking lane on the east side

West End between New Madrid and Bertling will receive the above, except:
• Bike lane sharrows in the 12’ driving lane instead of dedicated 5.5’ bike lanes
• 8’ sidewalk on the west side

As engineering started on the project, they found the stormwater needs to be more substantial and the sanitary sewer system needed to be replaced. The entire scope along West End is now estimated to cost and be funded by:

  • Transportation Trust Fund 2010 - $650,000
  • Transportation Trust Fund 2015 - $2,950,000
  • Sewer replacement from sewer funds - $400,000
  • Stormwater – Parks, Recreation and Stormwater Tax 2 – $600,000